Software for Peer Mediation Programs

April 25, 2019

In an effort to support and promote peer mediation, we are now offering FaciliCase to all school (K - 12) based Peer Mediation Programs for free. We are beginning collaborative efforts with Kids Managing Conflict, school programs, and Universities to demostrate the wide scope of impact demonstrated by peer mediation.

We will release additional details as the program progresses.

Contact us for more information and to get started.


Restorative Justice: Agreements in Depth

In the New Restorative Justice interface agreements can be logged by specific agreement items and by person. Below are details on the various aspects of logging agreement on the new interface. 
Agreements are made for those participants in the ‘Offender’ section. An agreement can be created for each offender and each responsible party will have their own separate agreement. Agreements have two yes/no options for completion and monitored. Also when created a description can be written in a free text box and a completion date can be added. 

After an agreement is created specific items can be added. There are three default options: Apology, Restitution and Community Service. The Other Item option contains a few default options, and these can be customized for specific needs upon set up. Some of these options can be connected to specific victims if there are multiple. The restitution option also tracks payments toward the total amount owed. The four options are shown below. 

It is possible to make multiple agreements for any offender if during the process the circle reconvenes or multiple contracts are formed. 

Job Opening

OvalOptions/FaciliCase is hiring!

We are looking for an organized and motivated Sales manager to help us reach new FaciliCase software customers.

OvalOptions is a conflict consulting company based in Wheat Ridge, CO. We manage community mediation centers, offer mediation, training and communications services. FaciliCase is a mediation and restorative justice case management software which has been created in partnership with an amazing software developer. We have clients throughout the United States.

Due to Covid-19 concerns, mediation and restorative justice programs everywhere are striving to find ways to manage their work remotely and FaciliCase is uniquely positioned to assist with these needs. Covid-19 has also hindered our ability to follow through on sales efforts and we need your help. We believe FaciliCase is the best product available to help good people be better at managing their vital work.

This position is primarily sales based however a successful candidate may have room for growth in our organization.

Schedules are flexible but work times may need to be adjusted based on the time zones of prospective clients. Employee will work from home as we wait out the COVID situation and will have the option to work from our Wheat Ridge, CO offices when we return.

Must be comfortable with web based communications including Microsoft teams, Zoom, VOIP softphones and other programs. General comfort with all technologies including being a quick study with the FaciliCase platform is necessary. Previous experience with mediation, restorative justice, or other human services case management processes will be helpful but not required.  

Primary responsibilities:


General Administration

Client Support

Pay Range is $15 - $20/hr (depending on experience) + sales bonuses. Approximately 30 hours per week. Sorry, we are not able to offer other benefits at this time.

To apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to attn: Brian Beck.

Deadline: Open until filled and we intend to hire as soon as possible.  

Restorative Justice

FaciliCase now includes a new suite of enhancements and a new UI to support Restorative Justice cases.


New Restorative Justice UI

The new user interface allows you to enter victims, offenders, third parties, meetings, agreements, etc in one place. Its design prevents you from having to change pages when entering a case. You can view anything related to the case on one screen.

This screen includes almost all of our existing features such as task tracking, billing, full case audit, communications generation and tracking, etc.




Offense Tracking

Most restorative justice cases originate by an offense that must be tracked. Every offender can have an unlimited number of offenses which include the following properties.

1) Offense Type (Weapon, Property, etc)
2) Offense Level (Petty, Class 1 felony, etc)
3) Offense Date
4) Juvenile Status
5) Closure Date
6) Description
7) Attachments (unlimited)
8) Reference Numbers (e.g. case numbers)
9) Private Notes (unlimited)


Recidivism Checks

A goal of restorative justice is preventing future offenses and helping the offender improve their life. An unlimited amount of recidivism checks can be assigned for any offender. These will display on an optional front page module or report. The reports show different cases based on the user's role and relationship to cases.



Agreement Tracking

Part of repairing harm involves apologizing, repairing issues relating to the offense, paying restitution or performing community service. Each case can have an unlimited number of agreements which can be used to track the following items:

1) Apologies
2) Resitution, payments and calculated amount remaining
3) Community service
4) Other items

New Location

It’s official, we are finally moved into our new office space! In January we moved into a temporary space in the Clear Creek Office Building while they built our new space down the hall. Of course, the build out took longer than expected but it was worth the wait.

Although most of our work is done remotely via phone, video conference and email we are excited that our new space has a couple of conference rooms and a training room.

If you’re in town, make plans to come see us! Schedule a meeting so we can sit down and talk about how things are going and make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience with FaciliCase (no, we won’t charge you for the time). We can have coffee by the creek or enjoy the view from our 5th floor training room while we chat.

Our Building

Enjoying Time by the Creek

Our Training Room

New Address

4251 Kipling Street
Suite 500
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

25 Years of Conflict Resolution

The end of 2018 marks the completion of 25 years of service for our original, beta tester, client. The Jefferson County Mediation Program, based in Golden, Colorado, has been serving their community since January 1994.

At their annual volunteer appreciation event on August, 28th, 2018 they released some pretty outstanding data.

- Over 26,000 case referrals
- Over 110,000 volunteer hours
- Over 1,200 volunteer mediators
- 68% of mediated cases reached agreement
- Touched over 40,000 people about mediation and other conflict resolution services

You can read their press release or visit their website for more information.

At FaciliCase we’re proud to know that our software has been assisting with their case management work since 2012 and love that we make it easier for them to maintain and analyze 10 years of data. 

To our friends at Jefferson County Mediation Services, thank you for taking the risk with us in the beginning and congratulations on 25 years of service!

Here’s to the next 25 years!

All information on one screen

View, edit and assign all case information in one place

Our case screen is easy to use.

In one place you can:


FaciliVault - Multi-Organization Reporting

FaciliVault is now live! This new tool allows for state/multi organizational reporting. We customize the data to your specifications so you have all the information you need from all reporting organizations.

Because everything is customized for your specific needs, we do not have a trial version of this program. Please contact us for more information.


Security is priority one

Your data is confidential and should be treated that way. We utilize cutting edge security frameworks, role based access and secure data centers for your data.


You only see what you need to see. Nothing more. Certain information is available based on the user's role or relationship to certain case information.

Audit Records

Sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes a person's password is lost or a laptop is stolen. You may be legally required to guarantee that your data is safe. In some potential situations you might need to prove that you kept your data safe. For this reason we've implemented full case auditing. We not only say that your information is secure. We prove it. You can see who has edited and viewed your case data.

Data Security

Our applications are housed in secure data centers. Our databases are stored on secure networks with finely controlled access lists. The application utilizes security frameworks which explicitly control access based on authorization. All measures have been taken to guarantee your information is secure.