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FaciliCase is a simple-to-use, web-based software to manage cases, clients and more. Get started now with a free trial or schedule a demo.

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A simple-to-use, web-based tool built by IT professionals to standards defined by real-world mediator experiences.

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"This database is in the process of revolutionizing our program at Jefferson County Mediation Services! I recommend it to any individual practitioner, mediation company or any community mediation program."

Mark Loye

Executive Director, Jefferson County Mediation

Unify your organization

Provide your people with the access they need to do their job. Give people the power to coordinate and do what they do best with this easy to use platform.

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FaciliCase allows you to get to your information with ease. You can view appointments, assign tasks and update cases from anywhere.

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Whether you need to generate annual reports or find new efficiency opportunities, FaciliCase gives you the power to see your data from new angles.